The buckle up token is a crypto graphic smart contract that follows BEP-20 and eip-1167:minimal proxy contract standards. Developed in Solidity, its multiple smart contract features offer huge potential upside to all holders. As the community grows, so will the value of The Buckle Up Token(BCLUP), yielding long term holders massive gains for simply holding their BCLUP.

As awareness of the The Buckle Up Token increases, so will the trading volume. Normally when this happens the markets respond by what may seem to be volatile swings(price going up and price going down). Unless you are a seasoned trader and have been trading for awhile, this would not be a pleasant thing to witness, especially when price goes against your position. That brings us to Liquidity 24/7. In a attempt to help create a stable floor for BCLUP price, one of the many features is to pump a 5% transaction fee back into the liquidity pools of BCLUP’s traded pairs. The Buckle Up Token taxes every transaction a 10% fee of the amount both bought or sold. 5% of the 10% fee is split 50/50, half of which is sold by contract into BNB, while the other half of The Buckle Up Tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as liquidity on Pancake Swap.

The Buckle Up Token will be rewarding those holding the token with 3% of the transaction fee. Meaning if you are using our platform and/or just simply holding The Buckle Up Token you will be rewarded.

The Buckle Up Token will be using the remaining 2% of the transaction fee for Crypto-currency Education and Awareness. Through the BCLUP platform users will have the ability to learn and experience how to use a real live exchange with tokens of real value. After the successful launch of The Buckle Up Token platform the remaining 2% transaction fee will then be rewarded monthly to 100 random wallets in amounts equivalent of $1000. As the trading volume increases so will the random number of wallets receiving the $1000 monthly payments.

After the wallets at random have received their $1000 payout the remaining balance of the Education and Awareness account will be distributed to users through our Learn and Earn Program. This will be 1st come/1st serve, until the monthly balance of the account for Education and Awareness is less than $1000. We will be giving these rewards out monthly to wallets holding The Buckle Up Token.

After token presale and liquidity have been added to multiple LP’s, the remaining tokens not in circulation, will be held at a DEPLOYER address. This amount should account for 40% or less of total supply. Only rewards received from these tokens will be used for project expansion, until all goals listed here in this whitepaper, have been met. Once all smart contracts are deployed and little to no maintenance is needed for further expansion, decentralized ownership/renounced ownership will begin to take shape. Decentralized ownership or renouncing ownership is commonly used in a coin/token whitepaper. In most projects we cannot see a transparent path where this process has taken place. By burning BCLUPs reserves, the team at BCLUP will have removed most of its influence over the project.

The Buckle Up Tokens steps toward decentralized ownership will be as transparent as it can be in this final stage. From day one it has been a dream to setup projects that give to so many while running on auto pilot. This final step is the most exciting. A smooth departure from this project and on to the next. At that point once all project goals are complete, the token will enter a hyper deflationary stage. Meaning, these tokens,(40% of the total supply), and their rewards, will now be sent to what we call a black hole/burn address. Ownership will also be transferred to this black hole/burn address. We will not be able to get these tokens back. The rewards to these reserves will be redirected to the community once BCLUP’s total circulating supply has been reduced to 25 million BCLUP.